A PDF bookmark is another way for you to organize, sort, and keep track of important pages in any PDF file. PDF documents can often number thousands of pages so users need a way to mark their place to prevent them from losing out on important information. A PDF bookmark fills that need and then some. Users can also create searchable lists of bookmarks so they can quickly reference the required pages later. Online PDF editors let you create these lists and add bookmarks to PDF so you can always find your place again.


How to Bookmark a PDF Document


Adding a bookmark to a PDF requires only that you use an online PDF editor and upload the document. The editor will scan and open the document so you can view and read the pages. A PDF editing tool can also let you perform other functions like adding comments, annotations, or highlighting and striking through text.

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Along with these basic PDF editing features, you can also add a bookmark to the specific page you are viewing, or wherever you stop reading. But leaving a comment, annotation or other text can also act as an unofficial bookmark so you can use it as a reference as well. If you want to insert a bookmark in a PDF, then look for the bookmark icon and click it to choose where to leave it.


 More Editing Options


A PDF bookmark does not only act as a reference point but it can also be loaded with other functions. You can make the bookmarks visible to others and let them know what you think is vital to a document. Others can add their bookmarks as well and insert a hyperlink or external link to a page.

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The bookmark can also contain a comment or other text that was left there by the original writer or editor. Not all online PDF editors give you the same, advanced options. They can vary in options from letting you add a bookmark to a PDF or letting you bookmark a specific table, graph, image, or page.


 Bookmarking When Creating PDFs


You can also insert bookmarks in PDFs when you scan, convert or open them from the online editor menu. There are not many online PDF editors that will let you add those other features and they are restricted to premium PDF programs like Adobe or Foxit. You can always scan a PDF and before it converts to a PDF, you can check a box to add bookmarks at various places in the text.

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 PDF From Scans and Images


Scanning a text or document does not automatically convert it into a PDF file, but it needs to be read by an OCR reader so it can be edited and changed by a PDF editor. When you run a scanned document through an OCR reader, it will be able to organize the page in a way that resembles the original copy.


When the text is scanned and converted, you can upload it to any type of PDF editor, like Lumin PDF to make changes to the document, including adding bookmarks. The same can be done with images and other documents, basically, anything that can be converted into a PDF or vice-versa, so you can add it later into a document.

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